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First impressions mean a lot in business, so it should come as no surprise that the design and imagery on a website or brochure will be the first thing a potential customer looks at before they go on to read what your business has to offer. Professional images that reflect your brand will set you apart and help to promote your business.

Clients can choose to book me for small commercial commissions or full day projects. In addition, I offer a business starter or rebranding package which can cover a range of items from products to headshots.

Packshot photography is priced per image and is based on the number of items you have to shoot. It is ideal for use in catalogues, brochures, online shopping websites and advertising. This is a basic price guideline for Packshot photography.

Price per shot (i.e. digital file)
1-2 shots = £60
3-5 shots = £30
6-10 shots = £25
11-20 shots = £20
21-50 shots = £15
51-75 shots = £10
75+ shots = £8

Prices include basic post-production, necessary for any product photography. This includes colour correction and simple spot and dust removal. Images are provided as High Resolution sRGB jpegs and web ready (72dpi) jpegs. A link to an online gallery will be provided once they are ready, where clients are able to download the images directly from the gallery. Other file formats are available by prior agreement. Prices are based on shooting the images at my studio in Essex on a plain background. Travel time and costs will apply to the above rates if items need to be photographed at a different location. All packshot photography comes with unlimited usage licensing for the UK.

Additional Services
Clipping Masks / Cut Outs - A clipping mask separates a photographed object from its background. This is useful when you need your object to be placed onto a different coloured background or over another image. It means that anything within the clipping path will be seen and anything outside of it is excluded.

Standard Product - £4
Complex Product - £7

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and check my availability.
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